New Beginnings …

Happy Monday, All!

What a wonderful weekend it seems most of us had all over the USA! Here in South Florida, the weather was wonderful and people from all over flocked to the beach along “The Strip” of A-1-A in Fort Lauderdale. One friend of mine who lives close to the beaches in Pompano Beach mentioned that it seems that this season, there are more Canadians in the hotels and bungalow type set ups than he has ever seen.

Of course, Spring time has come considering the advent of Daylight Savings Time when we moved our clocks ahead Saturday night/Sunday morning, if you will. A slight change for most of us . . . waking up in the darkness for a bit and having the daylight hours extended a bit. While I stayed home most of Saturday implementing my own small changes in my flat and making sure it feels cozy and Spring-like, Sunday morning I streamed church service while having breakfast. Then, Sunday afternoon I took the Night Hawk down to the beach and got stuck in all the traffic for a while. Yet, it was relaxing for me. As I drove, and my motorcycle has most repairs done and is running well, I encountered numerous bikers also enjoying the afternoon air. In fact, at one point along the strip, two other bikers with Harley’s drove along side me and we cruised together enjoying all the Spring breakers as they danced on the walls of the big homes they had rented on the West side of A-1-A until we reached Beach Place. I parked and visited my friends at Margaritaville and walked on to Beach Place. Lots of fun-loving people, including families of ALL ethnic groups who stayed at the resort there at Beach Place!

In Miami, yesterday was the biggest free street party, they say, in the World called “Calle Ocho”. All of the Spanish speaking people, including many proud Brazilians who speak their own tongue, strutted their stuff, foods and music while people, once again, from ALL nationalities, including Canadians, hung out with the locals, performers and vendors. What a great time it appeared they had as I watched the newscast of the event last night. I haven’t been in years, but maybe before its too late, I may visit “Calle Ocho” again.

Here at Fort Lauderdale’s War Memorial Auditorium, there was held the annual “Pride Fest” event which was entitled this year, “Beyond the Rainbow”. As I was cruising near Sunrise Boulevard Sunday, I noticed many many cars parked there for the festivities.

While all is not perfect in the world today, I am glad to be amongst the living, as my mother used to say. Have a great day!


John I. Cook, Director

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