The Forces of Nature

Monday, Monday ….

Well, Happy Monday to us all! And begins another week. I often think about the multitude of differences in lifestyles amongst the people that I attempt to communicate with in these e-mails. I know some are retired, others have their own businesses, a handful may be in college or completing some professional courses and training for work while still others labor as professionals, doctors, lawyers, administrators and directors of various types of programs. I feel extremely blessed to have friends and associates like you all. I thank you deeply for sharing moments of your day with me via these e-mails and the numerous responses and replies, though not necessary, that I get back. Peace and blessings to you all.

After last weeks tornadoes continued to smash and destroy cities, communities, homes and schools …. yes and a few lives … across the southern states, it is clear that these are unanticipated events, catastrophes and circumstances, that some of us have no control over. People had their entire life savings swallowed up in minutes in a tornado, some tornadoes as large as three football fields, it was reported. Saturday afternoon when I sat on the walls of the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I began to count my blessings, soak up the sun, and enjoy the sounds of people frolicking and playing, swimming and boating and even an ocean liner/cruise ship or two in the background.

While I have no real “life savings”, fancy car or house to lose, I cling to the moments of this precious life I have been given by My Creator, and seek to sow the seeds of as much happiness, love … appreciation and gratitude … as I can. Since my spill on the motorcycle, I have had days when I wished to speak to my mother, or at least hold onto her leg or rest my head on her bosom, that’s the way we were when I was growing up. This past weekend, I felt rather “clingy”, if you know what I mean, and had few options, so to speak. Yet, it was nice when I got a message on Facebook from my daughter and we shared cell phone numbers. Then, yesterday, my sister … the only remaining sibling I have … came by with my nephew and her grandson, aka my great nephew. We joked, I showed them my wounds and my gear that I wore when I had my incident two weeks ago, and we all agreed it was a blessing from God that I am still here, no broken bones or serious injuries … and recovering.

May you each have a wonderful day, and, not that it may mean much to some of you, but I have to say it, I love you!


John I. Cook, Director

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