The Fir Tree

Happy Friday, All!

Nonetheless … and as always …. T.G.I.F.!

Now, I don’t know about you but this week seemed to have gone by rather quickly! Is it because March started just yesterday? Or could it be the anticipation of Spring Break? Whatever it is …. “It Is What It Is!”, as one dear friend told me, which led me to begin a full philosophical discussion on how we can CHANGE what it is if we don’t like “what it is”!! She let me say what I thought and taught me a lesson, too!

Lately, the weather has been rather calm and warm in South Florida while when I watched the news a couple of days ago and saw a grown big man crying after surviving the destructive winds of a tornado that swept through and devastated his home town somewhere in Kansas, I realized that I had it good … relatively speaking. Just For Today … as the title of one fine book states clearly that I had read as I struggled some years ago through a “12 Step Program”.

In watching the news just yesterday, a North Miami couple has been arrested and charged with child abuse after their 9 year old son was found bruised, malnourished and naked roaming the streets not far from his home. Once officials were able to find him after neighbors reported this child, they discovered that he hadn’t eaten in three days … and was dazed and begging for food. His malnourished body sported many many bruises which were clear indications that he had been physically abused. So, according to the youngster himself, he jumped out of the window in a bathroom in his parent’s house and ran away down the streets … just as he was …

“The fir tree has no choice about starting its life in the crack of a rock . . . What (nourishment) it finds is often meager, and above the ground appears a twisted trunk, grown in irregular spurts, marred by dead and broken branches, and bent far to one side by the battering winds. Yet at the top . . . some twigs hold their green needles year after year, giving proof that – misshapen, imperfect, scarred – the tree lives.” – Harriet Arrow (TOUCHSTONES March 2)

This is one of my favorite quotes and it comes at an opportune time of the above story of the 9 year old boy … and Spring …

I welcome and embrace my life, making changes when I find they are needed … however I can … and rejoicing in the outcome!

Have a great “first weekend” in March! We’ve a lot to look forward to . . .


John I. Cook, Director

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