“Lin-Sanity”? Not in Miami!!

Happy Friday, All!

What a wonderful world … it is … when we T.G.I.F.!

It seems another week has come to an end and we’ve just a few more days of Black History Month. Friends of mine have posted interesting tidbits of African American History on Facebook and I’ve tried to keep up and absorb the many many things I did not know. Peace be still. Yet, we must admit that the peoples of African and American heritage have contributed quite a bit to our nation and … the world.

So, last night as much of the nation’s and world’s basketball fans waited to see a miracle in the American Airline Arena, things seemed to take an awful turn for my beloved New York Knicks! Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a sportsman. In particular, an avid fan of the game of basketball. I’ve played for some of the best coaches including Maurice Blake at St. Paul’s School and Pete Carrill at Princeton University. I love the game so much that I tried my hand at coaching in White Plains for five years. But one thing I learned is that “the best team will win”!

Proof of the pudding was in the game last night when D. Wade and LeBron James along with Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers and a little help from the bench in Cole and Miller ultimately put on a clinic. It seemed that each HEAT player knew exactly where the other ones were almost all the time. While I was born and pretty much raised in New York, I must admit that there was no sight of “Lin-Sanity” in the American Airlines Arena last night. Maybe he … and Carmelo Anthony, Baron Davis and Amare Stoudemier just had a bad night. But woe to the team that faces this HEAT team running on all pistons on their home court! One thing I can say is that there was “no fussin and no fightin” on either team!

One thing I know for sure is that we are ALL on a journey that will … at some point … come to an end. Try to be pleasant with one another, in games and in life, respecting and caring for one another when possible …

“It doesn’t happen all at once . . . . You become. It takes a long time.” – Margery Williams

As I grow, I see that I was always real. I was just looking at the outside. (TOUCHSTONES February 24th)

Have a great weekend … wherever you are!


John I. Cook, Director

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