What Do They Think?

Happy Hump Day, All!

Another day waking up with a bit of soreness but the key here is …. I woke up …. all body parts attached and apparently working. Thank you God!

I am sure by now, most of you figured that I was trying to show that when I had fallen off my Night Hawk that my cell phone wasn’t there … and I could NOT make any calls from the scene. Nowadays, we rely so much on them for everything while I continue to use mine moreso for calls and texts. My, my, my how things change over the years … That includes us!

I have always considered myself “a hopeless romantic” and probably should have been born in another place and another time but that expresses truly how hopelessly I am romantic. Speaking of romance, I hope all of us had a nice Valentine’s Day with some celebrations where and if possible. A family member mentioned to me that she doesn’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day but chooses to show similar love to her friends and family like every day. Considering her thoughts, I find that I am similar in that way, choosing to show care and affection … at least, appreciation … to those I feel it for. While I got a few messages for Valentine’s Day, I celebrated it alone at home with a grilled cheese sandwich, chips and some mushroom soup with a glass or two of cream soda! That was cool …

In the aftermath of Whitney Houston’s death, which was somewhat sudden and unexpected, I enjoyed hearing her music over and over again as well as viewing various tributes to her music, even on “Glee”! May we cherish our time with our loved ones simply because we don’t know when our times together will expire. As a jazz musician, Roy Ayers, old tune goes, “Life Is Just A Moment”! With the plans for Ms. Houston to be buried in New Jersey being challenged by other family members of hers, I simply wish that the quarreling could stop and allow her to “Rest In Peace”. Amen

“If I truly showed my feelings, the other guys would eat me alive. It’s too dog-eat-dog out there to be honest about the things that really count to you. You can’t leave yourself wide open like that.” – Michael E. McGill

This quote obviously is designed to get people – men in particular – to NOT hide their emotions or feelings in a true sense of the words, but hints at how others might think about them if they actually showed and expressed their true feelings. I have grappled with this personally and have found the balance and technique of saying and showing how I really feel.

“I pray for the courage to be honest with myself and to stand up for who I truly am with my friends.” (TOUCHSTONES February 15th)

Have a great day and a wonderful rest of the the week!


John I. Cook, Director

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