Alive and Grateful

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s a word or two hoping that you each had a great weekend. Mine was a little stiff and sore in the aftermath of the motorcycle accident I experienced late Friday/early Saturday morning around 2am. I am sitting here still counting my blessings.

It is the very first time that I hit the pavement so HARD on my motorcycle though I have been down a few times but at much slower speeds. It was interesting because it happened in such a split second that I almost didn’t know what had occurred. There was no traffic as I was exiting I-95 on the Cypress Creek Road exit and I was a bit wide leaving the exit. So, I sought to compensate by turning the handle bars a bit more to the right to avoid any oncoming traffic in case there was any …. and BOOOOMMM …. I hit the ground!

My body felt some pain, especially the knees, but I got up, picked up the motorcycle and tried to get back on. I fell again . . . So one more time, I mustered up the strength to get up again and pick the bike up. By this time a gentleman was approaching me walking from the other side of the road. He had stopped his vehicle to see if I needed some help. I told him that I didn’t and would be okay. Once I got home, which was less than a mile away, I realized that my jeans were torn and there was a lot of blood coming down my right leg. Just as I attempted to bend over to see where the blood was coming from, I felt a tremendous pain coming from my back and my right forearm. Then I stood up and reached for my cell phone . . . It wasn’t there. I reached into my back pocket and realized it was torn off … and no wallet. So I decided to lie down a few minutes and think what to do.

Finally, I got up and hobbled to my computer and sent a message to a friend via Facebook and asked them to call an ambulance and send it to my address. So things went rather smoothly from there. A neighbor came out as I was standing in my doorway after arriving home from the Holy Cross Hospital ER. So, I asked him if he could take me over to the scene of the incident and see if I could locate my wallet and cell phone. We had no luck. Then, since I explained to him that I had an old cell phone that I could connect, he offered to take me to the Metro PCS office which is just down the street a bit from where we live. What a kind gesture, right?!

Yes, I am up early doing my thing and testing my body to see if I can make it to work. It is also rather chilly outside, too, yet I feel very grateful that I had no broken bones, as the helmet visor also protected my face from what appears to be some serious skid marks on it. My nephew came by twice – once to get the prescriptions filled and again late last night to bring some dinner that my niece had cooked up. My neighbor whom I call “Big Bro'” brought me some delicious home-made chicken noodle soup that his girlfriend made, which I consumed heartily yesterday afternoon.

“It is a cheap generosity which promises the future in compensation for the present.” – J. A. Spencer

May I feel the exhilaration of being alive in this moment and maintain a balance in my perspective today.

Have a wonder-filled day!


John I. Cook, Director

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