Baby Buddhas

Happy Friday, All!

Once again, I’d like to thank my Creator, whom I choose to call God today, for waking me up and starting me on my way. T.G.I.F.!

Last night was pretty cool, not only because it rained a lot but also because I hunkered down to watch “American Idol”. Since “X-Factor” came and went, I thought I had had my fill of entertainment shows like that. “Idol” was pretty interesting last night because it showed all the “drama” that went on behind the scenes as the contestants selected members for “Group Night”. I don’t remember this segment from the previous seasons of “AI” but perhaps I simply didn’t watch it.

The rain here in South Florida had a cleansing effect on me and things. As I slipped into a peaceful sleep, I had a most refreshing experience with the windows open in my flat and I could hear the sound of the “pitter patter” of the rain on the trees and street outside my windows. Refreshing and peaceful.

I had an image from the presentation at the Lauderhill, FL Boys and Girls Club of Broward County location that I did on Tuesday. Okay, so here it is: “I had completed my chat with the youth about STOP The Violence and had also given them a few scenes from my book: From The Projects to Princeton, including how my father required me to do my homework before going out to play, and be responsible for it. I had transitioned into some background music from Keiko Matsui’s cd entitled “Walls of Akendora” since the dj had cued up the selection I use for a yoga demonstration with the youngsters called “Blue Butterfly”. I asked them if they had watched the “Super Bowl” and they began to yell like youth do. The staff quieted them. I then asked them if they noticed the player on the Giants team, who, at the very end of the game stood on the field with his hands clasped in the prayer position and bowed to the stadium. Some remembered that, too. I was still in my suit, as I like to be to show the audience that you can be dressed up and still honor your Creator on the floor at the gym at the BGCBC (besides it was pretty clean!), and had lowered myself down into the “Lotus position”, gently closing my eyes and clasping my hands.”

As I bowed in Lotus, and, upon lifting my head up slowly, I noticed five or six young boys not too far from me seated on the floor in a semi-circle doing EXACTLY the same thing! I thought that I had died and gone to yoga heaven and was in the presence of these “Baby Buddhas”! They all stayed in the pose and we bowed to each other intermittently as the other youth looked on … some in awe while others were imitating us in their stadium-style seats. What a moment that will remain etched in my mind, probably for eternity!”

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” -Shunryu Suzuki

Today, I will appreciate my vulnerability. It keeps me spiritually alive and growing. (TOUCHSTONES February 10th)

Have a great weekend!

Namaste … and Peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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