Taking It All In Stride

Happy Monday, All!

Already we are arriving at the end of the first month of 2012 … one down, and 11 more to go! Kind of silly to think of our years like that. Nowadays, I have a more modified approach to the passing of time and a desire to get as much done and live as much … and be at peace … as much as possible. Such was my weekend … thank God!

When we humans are younger, we wish to be older. Then, when we get older, so to speak, with children and husband or wife or significant other, we try to make life more of a quality experience. Some of us are able to amass great or moderate fortunes while others live on minimum incomes, if any at all, and still there is that third group inbetween the two. In my work, I have noticed a far greater number of people who receive disability insurance and do not and can not work while a good amount of folks are unemployed and living with the assistance of a friend or family members. It is often difficult, we may think, to have a quality life without enough income to meet the bare necessities.

I do think back to, and thank them as well, my parents who left Florida years ago and arrived in New York City to get a fresher start on life circa World War II. Shortly after moving from Harlem to White Plains and procuring work, they decided to raise a family … and I am the last born of that nuclear family. Over the years as I was growing up, time was not something I worried about or even cherished. In fact, there were days and months and years where I took “time” for granted. Family members came into this world while others departed. Soon, I began to worry if I would have enough time to accomplish some goals and complete some projects that I had in my realm. Each day is pretty near precious to me now, and I try to pass that on to friends, especially if they’ve got things that they want to accomplish while maintaining the patience and balance to understand that things come in time … not necessarily OUR expectations of time, but seemingly when the time is right!

As we are given an opportunity to appreciate this new day, may we do so in faith, that we are each on our own individual journey and learn to take it all in stride.

In Everlasting Peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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