Learning to Learn

Happy hump day, all!

When I turn on the news and see that some young African American male has killed his ex-girlfriend after a history of domestic violence, and, killed a baby and another young lady who was there with her, it saddens me deeply. Then, I continue watching the news and see that Seal and Heidi’s marriage is ending, after Demi and Ashton, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony …. and the list goes on and on …. (and Aretha even changed her mind!) Peace be still.

Why do people assume they have arrived at this stage where they’ve reached the pinnacle of knowledge and know everything about everybody and every situation and still stand around complaining about someone else’s behavior. Not only is it annoying for me, but it is pure madness and nonsense! If anyone knew everything (scary, ain’t it!), then that person(s) would occupy the highest post the world has ever known and make all the sweeping changes and corrections that they espouse to know! You think ….

Of course, last night, and every day, I stand behind President Barack Obama and personally felt his State of the Union Speech was great. We have become a country divided by just about every evil there is. In his words, he attempted to address those divisions and call upon the citizenry of this great nation to come together to solve our problems.

As I grew up, and some of you may attest to this, I was not “the sharpest tool in the shed”, so to speak. But I usually tried to  “do right” even when I was “doing wrong”. My father taught me how to say, “I am sorry!”, in particular because he never did. But that was they way he HAD to “ride out”, so to speak. I continue to “learn to learn” as many things as my little brain can handle within reason. Now, I am not about to attempt to learn to fly a plane or go on “Dancing With The Stars” or any game shows and stuff. But in my realm of talent and skills, I continue humbly to “learn to learn”!

In Peace Always,

John I. Cook, Director

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