TRASH Talkin’

Happy Hump Day, World …

Some of us may not be so happy if we have family members that STILL have not been found alive off the coast of Italy! What a mega-disaster caused solely by human error! Rumor has it that the captain, who had a habit of getting as close as he could to the coast of Giglio, was trying to do so in order to allow the head server to wave to a friend or family member … Why not take a video and send it via the internet rather than jeopardize the lives of all the people on that cruise ship?! Pray for understanding, if you will …

As the Republican race for an opponent to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama continues, these adults are starting to look more and more like “street trash talkers”, especially since that is what it is …. mostly. Now I am sure Gingrich would like to “knock him out!” but his arm can’t go up that high! Considering that shots have been taken at the White House and presumably even yesterday, amongst the “Occupy Wall Streeters”, someone threw a smoke bomb over the high fence-like structure surrounding the White House, there continues to be a clear and present danger to the President and his lovely family! Do you think that some of these perpetrators may be listening to these high level thugs with suits on and a nice place to meet at the expense of the American taxpayer? Again, pray for understanding …

Now, imagine if that were me … or you … who said: “I don’t want to bloody Gingrich’s nose but I want to knock him out!” on international television! Do you think the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover would re-appear and open a case against me … or you?! You bet!

On a local scale, and I remember when, people are being killed and murdered, not to mention drive-bys and road rage incidents and gang violence, just for trash talking! I remember when … so to speak … so I am not claiming to be an angel of any sort. But, nowadays, when it happens to me, and the person is clearly harboring the intent to escalate the situation to violence, I try to “turn the other cheek” or crack a joke or just ignore the untimely trash talk. It truly is a vexation of the spirit!

Have a nice day … in peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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