Looking for Truth

Happy Hump Day, All!

Each day is like a tremendous human drama. So, I try to stay calm and focused on being positive since there is so much negative energy floating around. Some of it is natural while most of it is conjured up. Over the years, I have noticed that some people chose to live in peace and silence or at least in cooperation while others go around turning up rocks looking for something to complain about. While I know there are hidden dangers, so to speak, in all of our lives, I try to “keep it simple”! (One slogan from the 12 Step Program is “keep it simple stupid”!)

In essence, I have learned to seek the truth. Oh … my …. gosh! Be careful what you look for, especially TRUTH, because one just might find it … in particular about oneself! In situations where there seems to be some discontent, nowadays … and I emphasize that … I try to take a closer look at myself … unless of course, the devil personified is standing right in front of me! Then, I prepare for spiritual battle.

So much going on surrounding Tim Tebow and President Obama’s chances for re-election in the national news while continued discontent, discord and dis-ease loom world-wide! I said to a friend yesterday that I almost hope Obama loses so we can see what miracle worker will become president next! Wasn’t it Nero who fiddled (or played the lyre) while Rome burned?! There have been stories about Obama playing golf while the nation struggles economically. Have we forgotten what other presidents were doing when there were problems facing this country like “Watergate”? Some say Tebow will need another miracle this weekend while others say that God could care less who wins an NFL game. On both hands, naysayers are missing the point.

“All truth is an achievement. If you would have truth at its full value, go win it.” – Munger

Truth does make me free. The richness in my life is a generous reward for courage. (TOUCHSTONES January 11th)

Go forth in peace … and truth … if one can stand it!

Always yours,

John I. Cook, Director

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