Family and Friends

Happy Monday, all!

Once again, my gratitude for just waking up this morning overwhelms me! This journey we are ALL on has a magical way of having each of us arrive at a certain level of awareness that from time to time still creates an enigma for me. More than once, I have contemplated the meaning of this all, and, the more I live and the more mature I get, the less I try to worry or the more I try to stay away from worrying about those things I have no control over. Family and friends are another area that we seldom have any control over but still remain important for me today.

For example, Friday night, I met up with a good friend since I have been here in Fort Lauderdale who normally ONLY goes out with his new girlfriend lately. Now we still stayed in touch but whenever we would meet up, he was always with her. Now, don’t get me wrong because I am very happy for him because I know the joy that a good relationship can bring into ones life along this journey. Not necessarily from personal experience, but from watching my mother and father together for many many years. I have not been so fortunate … yet … to have had one of those relationships that creates the amount of joy I saw them experiencing, not to mention some of the sorrow they shared as well. Rest in peace, guys.

So, my friend’s new girlfriend has been a little under the weather lately and we got a chance to hang out and talk more on Friday night! I am glad that we are friends. My sister once said we look like brothers, but one day while at the beach at one of my favorite Sunday afternoon haunts called Margaritaville, a guy asked me if he was my son! So, go figure! Saturday morning, I had to get up as early as I could to take my motorcycle for an oil change and a replacement of front brake pads. Where I usually go is a place I used to work as the night manager, which is a Texaco service station that no longer sells gasoline but only maintains an auto mechanic shop and a surviving U-Haul business. My mechanic friends are from Uruguay and told me they met in their homeland during mechanic school! How’s that for a long friendship, and, they are still together, each with their own families and working together here in the USA … as mechanics. We used to always joke about “extra terrestres” which is Spanish for extra terrestrials, and we started up again Saturday while Fernando worked on the Night Hawk and “Don Danny”, as I like to call him, attended the customers. But Saturday, the conversation got a little more serious since it is 2012 and has a certain relevance in the Mayan Calendar. ‘nough said ….

Sunday was an interesting day not only because I slept in a bit and woke up to start washing clothes while making breakfast instead of going to service at Calvary since I had attended the Brahma Kumaris Raj Yoga Meditation at Ganga’s house Saturday evening in Pembroke Pines near where my Uruguayan friends work and I had gotten my “spiritual on”, if you will. But, also because I had strong memories and recollections of my mother this day. Now, having been a little boy, I had closer ties to my mother but I never forget the hard work that my father put in as the co-provider for our family. I enjoyed the moments of memories Sunday morning and finally finished my chores and headed out to Peter Zachary’s house, long time friend from White Plains, to watch Sunday afternoon football! A good time was had by all as we snacked, told stories and watched some teams work together in securing their places in The Playoffs!

To wrap this up, while I didn’t speak to my only surviving sister this weekend or my nephews and niece and my great nephew, I enjoyed the comradery of friends mixed with memories of my parents. Thus the title, “Family and Friends”!

Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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