Coolness of Spirit

Happy Hump Day, All!

Now, I am pretty sure that South Florida was the last place on the continent to get this Siberian Blast but it is here!! According to the weather people, it is the coldest it’s been here since last year around January or so. I had to change up my gear a bit but thank God I have the gear to change in to. I do recall some years ago when the cold hit and I wasn’t so fortunate … So, I start the day with a simple prayer …. Thank you!

As the Republicans battle each other and continue to base their campaigns on what Obama did not do, according to them, the circus like activities continue. In these type writings, I usually steer away from politics and stay cool with religion, but I think most of you know that I take a more spiritual approach to things nowadays. That, in essence, is what Educational Excellence is all about.

Briefly, while I acknowledge the power of a fine education as I have been able to experience, I also encourage the balancing of such an education with fine spirituality, which apparently is less tangible. “Know Thyself!”, as Socratic thought once exemplified, is the motto of Educational Excellence. In a world today, like the world of yesterday, the decadence of human intellectual life reflected how people knew everything else, so they thought, except themselves. So from some times of personal challenge and a mandatory need to grow spiritually, I embraced this philosophy and continue to employ (and share) it time and time again.

In keeping it simple today, here is a reminder that, for this New Year if you would like to be removed from these e-mails and the EE Family so to speak, just let me know, as some have while others continue to use the “delete key”! I shall not be offended. On the other hand, I thank those of you who read and enjoy …. and even others who respond, which is appreciated but not necessary …. these bits and pieces of anecdotes and thought!

“There is no method or discipline or system of any kind that can ever command the spirit to be present.” – Tom Sampon

Today, I pray that I will be open to receive the spirit on its own terms. (TOUCHSTONES January 4th)

Peace be with you … and with thy spirit!

John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Ken
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 21:26:30

    Keep them coming…….Please!



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