Living My Life . . .

Happy Monday, All!

And granted this is the first Monday of the New Year 2012, there is an opportunity for “new beginnings” of sorts. I am sure that each of our New Year’s Eve Celebrations were as diversified as each of us and our goals and desires. I spoke with a few friends who were at home, others I know went to Bayside Miami, FL to hear a free concert by Ludacris and several other recording artist, while I chose to visit a friend’s home in Miami and enjoy the ambiance of a Cuban house party, filled with lots of food, music and dancing, fireworks and champagne as well as a wonderful family atmosphere.

My friend, Noris, the daughter of a woman I had worked with at ACORN, who had just passed the State of Florida Pharmacist Exam, sent me an e-mail, as she is part of my e-mail family, inviting me to spend New Year’s Eve with she and her family! I couldn’t resist, since she is a wonderful person and I had attended another affair at their home a few years ago that was quite memorable. So, I got a gift and a card for Noris, picked up a bottle of wine for her parents and mounted the Night Hawk and cruised down The Florida Turnpike towards Homestead and Kendall. The ride was cool and I arrived, thank you God, without incident. There were family friends and family members including her brother and his fiancee, as well as some youngsters who also enjoyed themselves. Thank you Noris and family and congratulations on passing that exam!

On my way home, I stopped by a favorite place that I hang out in downtown FTL called Capone’s. Things were winding down since the festivities there had begun around 6PM New Year’s Eve and were designed for families as well. There were vendors and painters, there was food and a big stage with music pouring out until the “Ball” came down at midnight. I know because I was there last year amidst the festivities. When I arrived at Capone’s, it was 2AM and my good friend Jack was at the door and welcomed me to come inside as the music and people were still “live”! Jack is like family for me and always greets me with a warm embrace and kind words. I didn’t stay too long but was glad I made it by to say “Happy New Year” to my friends there!

So Sunday was a day of contemplation and rejuvenation, not to mention rest. Since I had gotten up later, I arrived at the third service at Calvary Chapel just in time to hear Mr. Anthony Evans doing some selections in lieu of the CC Choir and Band since he had performed a New Year’s Eve Concert Saturday Eve (New Year’s Eve) from 9PM -12:15AM New Year’s Day! He is a gifted singer with vocals and dedication to his trade that comes through every note. Pastor Fidel did the sermon which focused on the theme “Could This Be The Year?”. He spoke about all of the situations in life that can make people lose their faith …. in themselves! He mentioned how life sometimes makes an individual just want to give up and accept anything or anyone that comes their way to alter or steal their dreams! He encouraged us to be steadfast in “The Word”, not seeking perfection but to better ourselves along this journey. I am glad I attended.

“When you can’t stand criticism you learn to be a perfectionist.” – Anonymous

I will not ask to have the power of perfection. I will only ask that I not be alone in the process of living my life.” (TOUCHSTONES January 2nd)


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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