Merry Christmas!

Happy Friday, All!

And since I am still able to do so . . . T.G.I.F.!

For two cartons of cigarettes … that’s right …. two CARTONS of cigarettes, a man puts another human being’s life into a coma, and, puts his own life incarcerated for an extended period of time … for Christmas! Peace be still. Yes, the man who attacked the Asian store owner and changed that man’s family’s life forever has been apprehended riding a bicycle in Miami with multiple packs of Marlboro cigarettes and an empty spray can in a bag that he toted on his bicycle. Yet, the store owner’s life may never be the same …

Some of us may find it hard to be Merry this Christmas, and I have even heard stories of the “pagan origins” of Christmas being the reason some other folks don’t celebrate Christmas anymore. Now that reasoning is over the top for me, so I wish those people in particular . . . A Very Merry Christmas! May we pray for the peace that the birth of Jesus Christ represents!

With so many different things going on from massive unemployment to stupendous Secret Santas, may we still seek the real meaning of Christmas … to give rather than to receive! There are many people I want to thank, especially those of you reading this message, for your kindness and your friendship, for your good fortune and your fame, as well as those reading who share some of life’s most precious moments with me, your families and your loved ones. And in addition, I thank you for keeping my dream of Educational Excellence alive! I must say that it is nice to see “Big Mamma” here in South Florida still doing her thing to bring presents to the less fortunate children here in SoFlo. It also is a heart warming feeling to know that Don King, boxing promoter, has given, so to speak, around three thousand turkeys to humble families for Christmas in Deerfield Beach, FL; New York City, NY; and even as far as Chicago, IL. While the truck in West Palm Beach, FL had been hijacked a week ago, he, who has been doing this for several years now, still delivered on his promise of turkeys for needy families with assistance from donations of others! Now that’s the Christmas spirit!

In closing, it might be fair to say that Melanie Amaro and her hard work and faith in God has had her dream come true for Christmas this year, too! The program that much of America witnessed for the first time called “The X-Factor” captured the hearts and homes of many many Americans, and I’ve friends abroad who communicated it’s magnificence in comparison to the original one that began in England. While all of the last 12 contestants (and others!) were hard working and had their talents nurtured by this show, it couldn’t have happened to a finer person, from what we can tell, than Melanie Amaro! The program even hooked up Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder on one Christmas Classic that brought a smile to my face.

May each of us count our blessings this Christmas and keep the spirit of giving alive in our hearts for Christmas and everyday, if possible!

Merry Christmas!

John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
PS – If you ever need a speaker, and you know who I am talking about, just let me know! Peace!

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