Life Changing Events

Happy Hump Day, All!

This week is pretty unique in that it is the week before Christmas 2011. There is so much in the air – both positive and negative – that sometimes it is hard to keep ones course of action steady. While there are lots of “Secret Santa’s” going around paying off people’s lay away accounts, there are also “Grinch-types” breaking into homes and stealing presents and anything else they can get their hands on inside someone else’s home! One nut case even went into a store in Little Havana in Miami last weekend and sprayed something in the store owners eyes, then went behind the counter and took out a little sledge hammer and starting hitting him in the head until he was unconscious and then ran off with two cartons of cigarettes! Is something missing in that thief’s life? You bet!

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be in the company of some pretty interesting people. Not Hillary Clinton or Jimmy Carter but people like Armond Hill, now coaching with the Boston Celtics. Some of my college buddies have stellar careers like Monica Dweck and George Branche – both doctors and educators; Adonis Hoffman and Glennon Threatt, Esq.; Lee Blair, entrepreneur and his wife, Toni Blair, high level executive; and Vetalle Fusilier, writer and entrepreneur. And there are many many more I could name but I can’t write a book here! While I may not have achieved their levels, so to speak, they still consider me “worthy”, if you will. I have always wished the best for them and others, and have encouraged others in general to be the best that they can be!

In watching “The X-Factor” and seeing the three finalist – Melanie Amaro originally from The British Virgin Islands but representing South Florida; Chris Renee, recovering addict, father and son of a musician; as well as Josh Krajcik from a town in Ohio whose father gave him his first guitar – I see something magical as these artist transform as a part of this life changing event. I admire their determination, their guts and desire, their “chutzpa”, if you know where I am coming from, and wish them all well! Many of the runner ups who have been eliminated will still have tremendous opportunities in the music industry like Rachel Crow with Disney and Astro with the Brooklyn connection of Jay Z and P Diddy.

While one may not soar as high as one would like, notice and make the best of your life changing events …. be they good ones or challenging ones!

Be at peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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