A Balancing Act … of Sorts!

Happy Friday, All!

Waking up is such a pleasant thing to do . . . knowing that one has family and friends, employment and some enjoyment …. and some issues to deal with as well. Now, I know I usually write about the happy “love and peace” stuff because we all have our own challenges in this life … things that may not bring smiles to our faces as we work on them. Oftentimes, I do feel like many of us, in particular myself, have to do a “balancing act” of sorts. May we understand the nature of life utilizing the paradigm of our choice, yet knowing that there is “good” and “evil” in this world, in our lives …. and in ourselves.

In my waking moments today, and contemplating the things I must juggle, the lyrics from a song by the now homeless Sylvester “Sly” Stewart of Sly and the Family Stone came to mind. The song was called “Stand” and the lyrics I thought of read something like this: ” …. there’s a midget standing tall, and a giant beside him about to fall! Stand!” And another verse goes: “There’s a cross for you to bear; things to go through if you’re going anywhere.” Yes, of course, I’ve made my mistakes and there may be more to come. In essence, I am still learning to handle the emotions that come over me nowadays and seek a solution to handle the causes of these emotions so I don’t make a mess of an already difficult situation. And, simultaneously, seek to make a positive difference each day. Truly, there are moments when I feel as if I am doing a balancing act, if you will. How about you?

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart/ And try to love the questions themselves.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

God, grant me the peace that comes with loving the unfinished part of me. (TOUCHSTONES December 16th)

Have a well deserved weekend as we approach the Fourth Sunday of Advent, the first day of Hanukkah next Tuesday and the following weekend with Christmas Day on Sunday!


John I. Cook, Director

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