Happy Thanksgiving

Hola, mis amigos y familia!

I am sure y’all know what those words mean in Spanish, so, Happy Hump Day, too!

How often do we use the words “happy”, “thanks” and “giving” in one title?! Must be pretty special, right?! It is …

As a teacher trained with a specialization in American History, I always enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday not only because of the days we got off from school and the fantastic food that Mom always prepared, but we always have a a big Thanksgiving Day football game back in my home town. You know, between seeing so many people including alumni and parents, kids and athletes from various sports, even teachers – past and present – the ambiance was always rather special at that game at the old Highlands Jr. High School where I attended school for 7th through 9th grades before going off to boarding school!

There were bands playing and cheerleaders cheering and hot chocolate and pretzels being sold and consumed and a bunch of happy happy people! Home is where the heart is …

May we each and everyone of us, including those families who have received turkeys and foods from the numerous organizations and agencies as well as friends and relatives give a special thanks to the Native Americans whom, one could say, perhaps paved the way for such a bountiful celebration.

“We shall not cease from exploration. And at the end of all our exploring; Will be to arrive where we started; And know the place for the first time.” – T.S. Eliot


John I. Cook, Director

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