The Spirit of Giving … Thanks!

Happy Friday, World!

Yes ma’am and yes sir, T.G.I.F.!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t start the day off sharing with you all one of my favorite simple prayers …. “Thank you!” Believe it … or not!

One of the reasons I love these Holy Days is because we are often challenged to come out of character. Most people, based on the survival mode common in modern society, want to GET THINGS! New car, new clothes, new house … new new new new! Yet, we each are maturing or “getting older”. The funny stories about kids who can’t wait to grow up juxtaposed with adults who never want to grow old is as old as “ying and yang”, if you will! In other words, life is inevitable … one day, we must give it up, too, as we know it!

Before moving forward with this communication, I wanted to say thank you to those of you in my e-mail family who have been so supportive and made time to read my “anecdotes” and “stories”, if you will. As well, I do track the number of visits to Educational Excellence’s blog and website which I post on Facebook, and the numbers have been steadily rising. Now I just want to reach people with my writings not ONLY because I love writing but I love to share. Sometimes, I think I am in love with LOVE and PEACE, which is cool for me today as I continue to mature along this journey and gift I’ve been bestowed with called LIFE! I really really love you gals and guys … truly … thank you!

Last night, after hunkering down to some clam chowder and tea from the wet weather here in South Florida, I listened to some music …Isaac Hayes and Cafe del Mar … amongst my favorites which include Kevin Toney and Jay Z. Quite a menagerie, right?! I traveled back through time with some pictures of me when I used to work for ACORN and trained in foreclosure prevention in Nashville, TN two years ago. I even viewed some photos of the grave sites of my grandmother, Mattie Yhuman Cook; my father, Isaac H. Cook; and my sister, Barbara Ann Powell (Cook) which I had occasion to visit a few years ago! They have beautiful burial locations in Kensico Cemetary in Valhalla, NY. I have promised myself that I will get something nice for my mother, Marietta D. Cook, who is also buried in the same family plot area. Oh be patient with me, mother, as you always have …. Peace be still …

So in closing my scattered thoughts, it behooves me to mention that as we approach Thanksgiving and the Holy Days, as well as the end of another year, thank you God, I re-evaluate my life and propose some new “New Year Resolutions”. Maybe you might find this beneficial as we journey together. People like Jimmy Carter and his wife and the work that they are doing in Haiti as well as the “Occupy Movements” world-wide are indications that we all have something good to contribute.

I love you all … and thank you all!


John I. Cook, Director

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