Sharing ….

Happy Friday, You All!

Needless but happy to say, T.G.I.F.!

So much going on in our world today . . . even Republican presidential candidate Cain is edging out the popular Romney, so far! Most of my life, I have seen changes occur personally and internationally, spiritually and physically! Ever since the day came when I realized that there is so much more to LIFE than I could ever really fathom, I decided to share my thoughts and words, and when I have a chance, I even share the “things” that I may have available to me. Many many friends have been very kind and generous to me as well with sharing things, thoughts, love and peace with me as well. I am eternally grateful!

As we go forth this day, this weekend …. and perhaps everyday, may we continue to open ourselves to others who may or may not be in need. Sharing is just such a wonderful human experience!

“No man (person) is more cheated than the selfish man (person).” – Henry Ward Beecher

Today, I will look for ways to be generous with those I share this world with. (TOUCHSTONES October 14th)


John I. Cook, Director

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