Dealing With Powerlessness

Happy Hump Day, All!

Once again, the middle of the week has arrived. I awoke this morning and was able to say, “Thank you, God!” When I walked outside to toss the trash into the building’s bin, I noticed the full moon just sitting in the sky moments before the Earth’s rotation was about to give way to the sun’s arrival. How gorgeous it looks with thin clouds around and the first rays of the sun causing the sky to look a bit reddish and yellow to begin another day! This is something I had nothing to do with . . . the awe and the power of nature . . . yet, I could enjoy it, if only for a few moments.

Last night, when I arrived home, I was feeling a bit of a headache, though small. I took a Dayquil and a couple of ibuprofen tablets and waited to see if I felt better since I wanted to go to the gym. After chatting with a trainer friend of mine and few Facebook friends on line, the consensus was that I should listen to my body and take a rest! So, I did, prepared some tofu mixed with soy sauce, butter, season mix and sprinkled it over wheat pasta, which I topped with grated Parmesan cheese. On the side, I had a glass of ginger ale and a piping hot cup of black tea! After washing the dishes and tidying up a bit, I said good night to a few people and retired. It was the best option as I was pretty powerless over the sinus headache I had at that moment.

Last weekend, two teenaged boys had a shoot out in front of a Metro station in Miami. One was seriously injured. I mean, it was like a duel with a modern setting, these two kids shooting at each other as if in “the Wild Wild West”! One mother, clearly powerless over her 14 year old son’s behaviour and injuries, commented: “Why did they do this to my son?!” Obviously, she did not know her son well enough . . . Peace be still.

Americans continue to mobilize and “March on Wall Street”, as well as other big cities to make their discontent known to politicians and government officials as well as CEO’s and big businesses. These demonstrations illustrate a level of powerlessness as the police rounded up and arrested many protesters in Boston last weekend, too. What’s a person to do? Methinks, choosing a more civilized way to handle it may be our best option.

“I resolve to meet evil courageously, but when even a small temptation cometh, I am in sore straits. That which seemeth trifling sometimes giveth rise to a grievous temptation.” – Thomas a Kempis

I live with my powerlessness every day. help me admit it to myself. (TOUCHSTONES October 12th)

Have a great day …. in peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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