Waves of Love!

Happy Hump Day, All!

It is interesting to see the “waves of love” still manifesting itself after a splendid number of “9/11” Memorials on Sunday. It is also funny because Saturday night when I was out and about, I ran into a female friend of mine who was chit chatting with her boyfriend via text messaging. After seeing something was preoccupying her, I said, “Happy 9/11!” to her to which she replied, “There’s nothing happy about it!” As I walked away, I told her, “Just trying to cheer you up and let you know that I love you in Memory of 9/11!”

Now, former Top Cop in Miami, Miguel Esposito has been ordered to step down . . . Peace be still. In the aftermath of the bumbled investigations into to the deaths of “The Miami 7” at the hands and pistols of Miami Police Officers, his not meeting the request from his superior, the City Manager of Miami – Johnny Martinez, to cut the Police Department’s budget and the demotion of an African American officer against Mr. Martinez’s order, re-instated commissioner, Michelle Spence-Jones, cast the final blow to Esposito’s termination. Esposito replied, “Now, I can spend more time with my family, which is my priority!” I am glad that he can see that, after so many African American families in Miami suffered as the police involved killings covered more than a 7-month span. No one is perfect, but we all need to improve.

A “wave of love” struck a group of people in Logan, Utah a few days ago after a motorcyclist was struck by a BMW and the cyclist was thrown under the car as his motorcycle caught fire due to the crash and gas leaking from his tank as the bike laid on its side. A few men first tried to lift the car by themselves but said it was not only heavy but hot. So, several construction workers and other spectators, including a lady in sandals and a leisurely dressed gentleman, gave it another try to no avail. Finally, on the third try, a few more people joined in and the group lifted the burning vehicle, which many thought would explode any second, and pulled the near lifeless body of a 21 year old “young man” from underneath the BMW! He suffered some broken bones and bruises but lives to thank those who rescued him from the jaws of death.

May the “waves of love” continue to spread in our hearts as we express the “ultimate human sacrifice” to each other – our own lives! Kudos to the firefighters in New York City during “9/11” for fueling this everlasting wave of love!

“When people are loving, brave, truthful, charitable, God is present.” – Harold Kushner


John I. Cook, Director

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