Crimson Tide … In the Streets of Miami

Happy Friday, Gang!

Not that you expected anything else from me, but …. T.G.I.F.! For a LOT of reasons …. not to mention a long Labor Day Weekend!

Last night, I was just thinking how when I was in 9th grade, we used to get to school early, play a game of basketball on the courts outside of the Highlands Jr. High School after walking … thats what I said … WALKING about four miles from the Projects on South Lexington Avenue through the residential areas … nobody broke a window in the houses along the way … we just walked and talked and joked and couldn’t wait to get to school! My, my, my … how things have changed!

Sad story to begin the school year for the kids in Carol City High School in Miami Gardens, FL. Now, there were no fatalities but three innocent teens were shot after another teen opened fire on someone but missed his target! Reports from various eye witness sources said that there appeared to have been a disagreement “over something stupid”, as one of the teens stated who witnessed the shooting. Another eye witness said that people were leaving school, interacting as usual and then … “pop … pop … pop pop pop!” … the sound of an automatic weapon pierced the air! Three kids were injured but reported in stable condition. The teen who did the shooting has confessed and his mother was stunned and has no explanation of how or where the black teen got the pistol nor why he was shooting at someone after school. Stop The Violence!

Even more shocking, for me, was the police involved shooting death of an autistic man by Miami Police Department just a day ago after reports that a man was wandering a neighborhood with a rifle. The family members of this thirty something year old African American male were distraught as the “Crimson Tide” continues to run in the streets of Miami . . . It turns out that the so-called rifle was actually a toy, and, though officers reported that the autistic man pointed the weapon at them before they shot and killed him, they are refusing to release any photos or sketches of the toy rifle, as it is part of an on-going investigation.

What has happened to playing and walking and talking amongst the youth? Why are the police so trigger happy nowadays? Is it stress and distrust of one another? Pray for peace …

“A lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work.” – Geoffrey Norman

Today, I will take time for physical activity. (TOUCHSTONES September 2nd)

Have a great, safe and peace-filled Labor Day Weekend, All!

Love youse ….

John I. Cook, Director

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