How Great Thou Art!!

Happy Hump Day, Y’all …

Now, I don’t know about you, but methinks that the Power Greater than Ourselves is trying to tell us something. Not necessarily to repent, though that is not a bad idea, but to acknowledge the fact – as in the earthquake yesterday on the East coast from New York to North Carolina – there IS a power greater than anything we can put together, including a house on an island in the Bahamas! Hurricane Irene, as well as many other natural occurrences, was not “man made” and can put down anything that man can make … How Great Thou Art!!!

Personally, I have had many many edifications of the fact that there is a power WAY greater than anything I could imagine …. that has saved me time and time again from some near death experiences … and I KNOW that I am not alone in this testimony. To think that it is luck, like at casinos or horse races or card games, is fool hardy. One comment remains in the recesses of my mind, as it is too painful to let it sit in front and center, was from a very very dear person to me. This person told me that “Only weak people believe in God!” To this day, I reach out to this person even though I get no response, because I know that the Creator wants me to continue contacting this person even with no response. The positive energy that I wish to share with this person, including unconditional love, is far more powerful than the negative notions that one may conjure up.

“There is no greater weakness than stubbornness. If you cannot yield, if you cannot learn that there must be compromise in life – you lose.” – Maxwell Maltz

I will surrender my fragile stubbornness in exchange for the toughness I can learn in compromise. (TOUCHSTONES August 24th)

Know when to move . . . and know when to “groove”, so to speak!


John I. Cook, Director

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