Being A Best Friend . . .

Happy Friday, All!

Que chevere que hoy es viernes! T.G.I.F.!

Many of us have best friends who would not hesitate to come to our aide if we needed them. Others of us may wish we had such people in our lives. I was watching the news story yesterday about the woman in London, England who was from like Czech Republic or another eastern Eurpean country who was trapped in her apartment when a fire was consuming the building she lived in. Now, she had come to England in search of a better life, and, then found herself stuck in the second or a higher floor during the riots that have been taking place there. People below coaxed her to jump … and they were waiting to catch her! So … she did … and they did as they said …. caught her! A nice gesture from one human being to another. Not just a gesture either, this was a LIFE saving gesture, needless to say.

As the school year begins, I am planning to participate in a “Back to School” book bag giveaway next Saturday with H.E.R.O., the local group here in Broward which has been growing in an effort to fill in the void in certain areas that was left when A.C.O.R.N. here in Broward and nationwide was closed down due to lack of funding. There are such programs going on all over the place …. Calvary Chapel has been holding a special offering for their “Back to School Book Bag” program. May we remember that the children are our future, and sometimes I wonder where that will be in light of so many human failures on this planet. Try to keep in mind that the violence they may see going on all around them may eventually penetrate their beings. When looking at them, try to see yourself, for they truly are a reflection of ourselves. Give to them as if they are your best friend. Encourage them to take that “jump”, so to speak, into the arena to inherit our troubled world. Needless to say, catch them …. when they fall …. for we all fall short at some point or another.

“It is a terrible, an inexorable law that one cannot deny the humanity of another without diminishing one’s own: in the face of one’s victim, one sees oneself.” – James Baldwin

God, help me engage in the brotherhood of my own family and with all people – and to see my own face, even in my enemy. (TOUCHSTONES, August 12th)

I am glad to see that the woman from Miami’s DCF is stepping down as director, and, that new measures are being put into place after the loss of the young girl to a mad man and his wife that had adopted her, though her brother lives on to keep her dream alive. Remember the children . . .

Peace always,

John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. – I would not be here today if it were not for some of you. I hope I have been a light in some of your lives as well …. Love always, John ….

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