Those Bloody Brits!

Happy Hump Day, All!

May we step out into the world today seeking peace and understanding in all of our encounters . . .

Not really sure … but wasn’t it just a few months ago that Kate and William got married in “Lovely London”? What has happened since then? Or was there always something brewing underneath that “pomp and circumstance”? Apparently, the event that triggered the rioting that has been going on nearly a week there now was the arrest of a local man, Matt Duggan, who was ultimately shot and killed!!! How … and WHY did this happen? I have searched the internet a bit and googled stuff too and have not seen any detailed accounts of the event that triggered this apparent “Mini-Revolution” …. and it continues to spread.

Now last time I was there, which was over twenty years ago, police in London did NOT have guns! I think I remember when they became armed but the transition was so quiet that I didn’t notice anything . . . until now. As a sociologist by education, and, a continued fan of social science, it seems that all of the decor and tradition of Great Britain has some hidden under currents, at least to the naked eye, of unrest …. and it is now being unleashed! May the people there seek safety and somehow … God willing … bring this unrest to an end!

Today, the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County is having their monthly network mixer and volunteer forum at “Big City Tavern” on Las Olas Boulevard in lovely downtown Fort Lauderdale! If the weather is permitting … and no unexpected change of events occurs like in London … I plan to attend!

“According to the teachers, there is only one thing that all people possess equally. This is their loneliness?” – Hyemeyohsts Storm (TOUCHSTONES August 10th)

Have a peace-seeking and filled day, please ….

Om shanti,

John I. Cook, Director

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