You Gotta Want It!

Happy Friday, all!

As often as I can, while I can, I must say, T.G.I.F.!

Still, with all of our technology and advancements in science, our society is ill in many ways. Now, it is not necessary to always focus on the negative, as I used to say to some of the students I have had over the years, but I also try to highlight the positive so that the negative stuff remains in the shadows where they belong. There are young men still killing their mothers, as another murder by a son has been discovered in South Florida. Some of the guys I work with told me one of their friends was killed in West Palm Beach, FL this past week. Yet, I have still another co-worker whose wife just delivered a baby after he had one of the biggest days ever in our office in educational sales! Yesterday was the President’s birthday and I have another friend who is expecting a baby across the waters in Czech Republic any day now! Hurricane Emily has sizzled out before it could wreak havoc on the struggling nation of Haiti … and so on … and so on … and so on! Thus, the cycle of ying and yang, good versus evil, the devil versus God, death versus creation … peace be still.

This week has been very developmental for me as I had to put into practice many of the formats of and the motto for Educational Excellence: “Know Thyself!”. Others were trying to define me based on their needs, inadequacies, difficulties – which we all have, and I had to rise above the norm to handle the situations so it did not get blown out of proportion. I had to employ a bit of self-communication amidst the plethora of negative noise that was being emitted from hostile forces. On one occasion, I just had to ignore the negativity until it went away . . . which defies the laws of nature and led me to a state of spirituality. Om shanti . . .

“The whole problem is to establish communication with one’s self.” – E.B. White

Today, I will use my lines of communication with myself and become more self-accepting and more honest. ( TOUCHSTONES August 5th)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. – I want to wish my former coach and still friend, Maurice Blake, a Happy Birthday tomorrow! He is 80- something! lol!

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