Hold It Down In There!

Happy Hump Day, Y’All!

Another day in paradise . . . or is it?! One of the most famous sayings I have always struggled with is: “Life is what you make it!” Now, I seldom look for excuses anymore, especially after some situations I’ve experienced, and have noticed that people like you to grovel when they “hit you with their best shot”, so to speak. I have never liked groveling and my father always taught me to be respectful and humble but not to grovel to satisfy another human beings desire to appear superior to me. Sometimes, making life what you want it to be is easier said than done, while it appears for others, it is a “done deal”!

Still, living alone has taught me a lot about myself, life in general, my life and others. I can actually find time to be quiet and listen to my own thoughts and feel my own feelings. On occasion, I enjoy listening to the sound of the mini-waterfall in my aquarium and meditating . . . alone! As it is said in the 12 Step program, “the committee is not so noisy”! I like to keep those demons quiet anyway . . . those inside my head . . . because there are enough of them running around on two feet anyway! lol! Be able to be alone …. and search for inner peace and solitude for maximum results.

“To live a spiritual life we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of loneliness and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude.” – Henri J. M. Nouwen

Thanks to God for the solitude I have found in my life. (TOUCHSTONES August 3rd)

Now, please don’t get me wrong . . . I love people and company, as long as it is positive. One does not have to agree with me to be my friend but one has to respect the basic values I hold like peace, love, gratitude, humility, forgiveness and understanding …. just to name a few!

Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. – Love you gals and guys!

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