“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave . . .”

Happy Hump Day, All!

I am sure that this is probably going to be a happier day for Casey Anthony if they give her “time served”! Needless to say, this case has captured the attention of the WORLD and has taken on an interest comparable to the OJ Simpson murder trial. There is no rhyme or reason but as it appears, the verdict was concluded by jurors who were instructed to go by the “facts”, not their emotions. The truth is, the only proof of anything that they had was that “Casey Anthony lied to the police.”

When jurors are given time to deliberate before delivering their verdict, they are provided with strict guide lines to go by that pretty much takes the emotion out of the decision they may arrive at. While a two year olds brand new life was “snuffed out”, the evidence presented by the prosecution did not place Casey’s hands on her child upon her death. Many people may have drawn conclusions but, unfortunately, with the guidelines provided by most judges, the events must go almost like a “connect the dots game”, with each dot connected before proceeding to the next dot, so to speak!

Yet, keep in mind, that what we humans do …. we shall answer for at one time or another. Call it what you will, but the web will be untangled by The Creator!

“Is the inventor of the ear unable to hear? Is the creator of the eye unable to see?” – Psalms 94:9

May we all learn from our OWN mistakes, and as my Dad used to say, ” . . . learn from others mistakes, too!”


John I. Cook, Director

Independence Day . . . Not The Movie!

Happy Friday, Gang!

Okay, T.G.I.F., if you all don’t mind me saying! May your day be a blessing to you and all those around you . . . count me in there, too!

Today is the first day of July, and, this month has various significances for me including the fact that it is both my father and my birthdays – his is the 4th of July and mine is the 13th. I also have quite a few friends whose birthdays fall during this month – Stephen Greenhill out of White Plains; Jimmy “Ray” Campbell; Frank Jones in upstate New York; Ilisa Juried in California; Traci Anderson-Samuel and whoever else I may be forgetting! (lol!!!)

When I watch the news, it is like the televised National Enquirer – mother killing daughter so she can party; purported bribe offered to Miami’s Chief of Police to leave office; various politicians with unlimited sex scandals (they make Tiger Woods look like a Boy Scout!) …. and on and on and on! Now I am not giving myself the title of “St. John” or anything ’cause I got my skeletons, too! And as a student and teacher of history, both European and American, I know this isn’t the first time there have been such scandals. It is just that today, we have mass media exposing the “mass mess” that ALWAYS existed in humankind!

So, may we look to the skies and thank Our Creator whom I chose to call God that we are alive and able to celebrate “235 Years of Independence from Great Britain”! For me, what is cool is that the Royal Couple from Great Britain are here celebrating with us!

Just want to wish my Dad – Isaac H. Cook (R.I.P.) – a Happy Birthday, as he and my mother were married 50 years until his battle with bone marrow cancer claimed his life . . . He grew up on a farm, and, historical family rumor has always had it that his mother was a Miccosukee Native American while his father was the son of a manumitted slave! We’ve come a long way especially seeing President Obama hold office over a hundred years later!

Have a great long weekend and Celebrate Independence in peace!

Om shanti,

John I. Cook, Director

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