Who Said So?

Happy Monday, All!

The weekends go by so quickly nowadays …. summer sun and fun …. and the fact that one may have so many options to choose from makes it move that much faster, it seems.

I decided to go to hear Pastor Bob speak on Saturday night, since I had gotten into the habit while my friends were visiting … and their friends invited them on Saturday to attend the 6:00PM service at Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Now some people know the Pastor there and some don’t. He usually dresses down as he carries the Word from the pages of the Bible, into his mechanism of interpretation – his mind and soul, and then delivers it to the congregation in a most palatable way. Saturday, he had on a suit with like a deco colored shirt with a tie that matched both the suit and the shirt! Early into the service, he commented that his teen aged daughter had “dressed” him and wanted everyone to know that he was a “Fly Guy”! We all erupted into laughter as he began a very serious sermon on Nehum the Prophet, Nineveh and the concept of “Who Said So?”

We live in a world today where people can and do say just about anything that comes to their minds – Believe it … or Not! That is the question. Do you believe everything people say? Do we consider the source? Pastor Bob suggested, “What if Mom said it?” Or, “Yes, but Dad said something different!” But the police officer, the lawyer and the judge each said something completely different! Or what if God said it? Pastor then read some historical papers and published books of geographical finds of the ancient city of Nineveh (Assyria today) and things that archaeologists found that paralleled the Bible story of the destruction of the once powerful city by God due to their ignoring the Almighty’s request for them to change their decadent ways of life! Again, believe it or not . . .

This past weekend after Amy Winehouse was FOUND dead from an apparent drug overdose, (many of us saw this one coming!) there was a purported press report that Woody Harrelson, well known actor, had died, too. So I, and many many other people “Googled” his name and found that his father had passed away and Woody himself turned 50 celebrating his birthday while hanging out in Australia, which is where the story originated of his death in a car accident. It reminds me of the “Telephone Game” that I used to play with the students in my history classes at White Plains High School to show them that history, too, can be distorted, in a “word of mouth (or press today) way”!

Consider your source of information and look for proof, if possible, to see if that source is correct …. or EVER has been correct … as is the case with the Creator! Then, try to change ones ways before one expires . . . for then it is too late!


John I. Cook, Director

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