Cops and Bad Boys!

Happy Hump Day, All!

Welcome to Miami! Bienvenidos a Miami …. NOT! Aren’t cops supposed to find criminals … not be criminals? And . . . aren’t cops supposed to be pretty safe when they go on vacation, especially considering they may be armed? Well . . . not in Miami!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think cops are people, too . . . My dad worked with the Pinkerton Detective Agency in New York, even in the Projects where I grew up! He was also an Auxiliary Police Officer for the City of White Plains, NY! So, from his side, I know cops can be crooked, too! He told me “stories and tales” . . . believe it …. or NOT!

But after 7 African American men were killed last year in Miami by police officers of the Miami Police Department, cops are once again in the limelight! Only this time, three different episodes. First, there was an officer who was partying with his uniform on at the famous “Clevelander” on South Beach! I have been there myself and it is quite festive; but this officer got drunk, took a young lady on his police issued ATV and drove with his lights off on the Beach side of Collins Avenue until he hit and seriously injured two people who were enjoying the ambiance of South Beach! Now wait . . . then he got off and ran away without offering any help to the people he had struck, who by the way, were hospitalized with very serious injuries. He faces charges now.

Then, there was a NYC decorated detective, former drug vice detective and currently in the terrorist division of the New York City Police Department who is on vacation here since last weekend. As part of what they think was an attempted robbery, he was involved in a “shoot out” in front of a hotel on Collins Ave., too!! He remains hospitalized with a serious injury to his leg, since the wound was close to an major artery or vein …

Now, here’s the good cop story … so to speak! There is a cop here from Los Angeles Police Department visiting Miami with his family, and, while they dined at the famous Versailles Restaurant, their rented SUV was broken into and everything inside, including baggage, clothes, computer … but not his gun … was stolen. After the story aired on Channel 7 news, “everybody and their mamma”, as we used to say, gave them money, free tickets for major events like Metro Zoo and Seaquarium, even upgraded their hotel to South Beach (uh ohh!), to make up for the robbery they experienced on their FIRST day in Miami ….

I dunno anymore but anyways ….


John I. Cook, Director

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