Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You!

Happy Friday, All!

Were you wondering if I’d suggest “T.G.I.F.”?! Well then, T.G.I.F., you all!

It seems that mud slinging has become a favorite past time of politicians as well as common folk nowadays. One black male congressional rep from Florida sends venomous e-mails to a white female congressional rep from Florida who supposedly attacked him with words after he left the floor in the House the other night … and he said that she said that he was …. Enough already! Sounds like somebody needs a political etiquette class before things get worse than what they are and somebody says or does something they can’t take back!

Now, I don’t know about any of you but I could NEVER lay a hand on my mother, not to mention even thinking of raising a hand to her for fear that my father would have killed me or God would bestow a relentless punishment on me. I mean, the Bible says, “Honor thy mother and thy father!”, so where do these young men, if we can still call them that, get the idea of murdering their mothers after all they’d done for them!? Is there something in the water here in Florida that is driving some people mad? I still get a gallon or two of water a week from Publix super market . . . so far, so good . . . no murderous desires have arisen in me! Woe is us . . .

No matter how bad I might feel, or how sad I might allow myself to be, I have NEVER EVER had the desire to kill anyone “off the rip”, so to speak, though once I was provoked by another man who had beaten me worse than my father EVER had. But I was in the wrong place at the wrong time after making multiple wrong decisions so I had actually set myself up for that “train wreck”! I look at Alonzo Mourning, former Miami HEAT star who was an orphan, just like Louis “Satchamo” Armstrong, and they made good on things without a mother! Now, not one, not two but THREE murders take place in a week or so of two mothers and a father by young men who been taken better care of by them than they could take care of themselves! Must they’ve been suffering so much that the pain drove them to this? I seriously doubt that . . . “I’ll ALWAYS love my Mamma …. she’s my favorite girl!” … as the lyrics of a monumental old school R & B song go ….

“Suffering is a journey which has an end.” – Matthew Fox (My mother used to say this to me often when I acted like it was the end of the world!)

My pain will teach me something I need to know, and it will have an end. I will pay attention to its lessons. (TOUCHSTONES, July 23rd)

Please . . . have a wonderful weekend and . . . please love your mommas and count the blessings and lessons they teach us!


John I. Cook, Director

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