Playin’ Fair

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, peaceful and perhaps playful! Interestingly so, we all have different ways that we like to play! Over the years, I have learned that playing fair is more helpful in terms of spiritual growth. However, over the years, I have also learned that many people do NOT like to play fair . . . in other words, for them, playfulness is being witting and sometimes hurting others … either their feelings or their physical existence . . . Pray for peace!

While Friday was a bit fun for me, as I went to downtown Ft. Lauderdale and enjoyed music and friends … even a slice of pizza … I got home early in order to attend the Brahma Kumaris Retreat at Ganga’s house in Miramar. The nice thing, amongst many others, was that there were two friends that I haven’t seen in a while, one from the Miami group – Marianne, and the other from the Hollywood group – Roz. The meditation retreat’s theme was “silence”, and upon entering, I was greeted by another person whom I haven’t seen in several years since becoming familiar with the group was Kathy, who runs the “Education with Values” organization. How nice to be amongst such kind and uplifting souls – om shanti! The retreat by far was well organized, as Mirella, Marianne and Kathy each provided opportunities for introspection, identification of values for spiritual growth and education. I was at “home” . . . and we all played fair!

Saturday night was pretty special, too, as I had a chance to attend Calvary Chapel with my friend visiting from Germany and her daughter and several of their friends. Pastor Bob was in stellar form with his humor and analogies regarding God’s knowledge of our behavior, no matter how clever we may think we are! He always challenges us to “be the best that we can be”! Sunday was peaceful and fun, too, as a good friend invited me out for an early birthday outing to an amazing fish store/display with an extensive variety of colorful and exotic fish in huge aquariums and tanks! After nearly an hour or more, we then headed to Ruby Tuesday’s for a nice meal of crab cakes, Memphis rubbed ribs and a house salad . . . then back home to relax for the evening.

“In playing, and perhaps only in playing, the child or adult is free to be creative,” – D. W. Winnicott

God, help me see the possibilities for play in the moments of this day. (TOUCHSTONES, July 11)

Have a great day, a wonderful week . . . and play fair!


John I. Cook, Director

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