Happy Memorial Day – May 30th, 2011

Happy Friday, All! T.G.I.F.!

And today more than ever before, I am thankful that it is Friday . . . Memorial Day Weekend Friday, too!

While there are many things to celebrate, including for me and many South Floridians, the Miami HEAT winning the Eastern Conference Championship by defeating the Chicago BULLS last night . . . in Chicago . . . with thousands of angry fans screaming “You suck!” to LeBron James when he shot foul shots and whenever he touched the ball . . . I would like to remember the nation’s armed forces who help create and protect the environment where fans can be “so fanatical” at a sporting event and nobody gets hurt! Okay, it is a little bit over-the-top but I am trying to illustrate the freedoms we have in this country as a result of our exemplary military presence at home and at large!

Of course, I remember the fabulous barbecues and cookouts that take place over this weekend that we celebrate, in particular growing up in White Plains, NY. We used to travel to Croton-On-The-Hudson or Bear Mountain State Park . . . and sometimes Mohansic State Park . . . where hundreds of families cooked out, played softball, horseback rode, canoed or row boated in “peace and liberty” that many of us took for granted! Each day and today as I prepare to go to work pretty much knowing that bin Laden has been “terminated” and there will probably be no bombs on the road this morning, I take my hat off to our nation’s finest – The Armed Forces of The United States of America! While we may still struggle with the phrase ” . . . with freedom and justice for all!”, I am proud to be an American! This weekend, I will wear my t-shirt that says just that, which was printed up in memory of the “9/11 Attack” with all proceeds going to the Disaster Relief Fund established here in South Florida. On the back of the t-shirt are colorful depictions of this nation’s armed forces!

May we celebrate in love . . . and peace!

John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. _ Congratulations to Alina Penjiyeva for acquisition of her MBA and Noris Mercado for completion of her pharmaceutical degree! Kudos, y’all!

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