Miss You . . . Peace!

Happy Friday, All! T.G.I.F.!

It is a very special day for me, not only because I am thanking God for it being Friday, but it is also my mother’s, Marietta Dolores Watkins-Cook, birthday . . . RIP! She was born May 20th, 1917. What a special lady. Today, it allows me to refresh my commitment to excellence and humanitarianism. I was very very close with her, and, as a result, became a “Momma’s Boy” to the point that my favorite place as a toddler was her two legs as she meandered around our apartment and I had one thumb in my mouth and the other hand was free to grip her leg and follow her every step!

She was a Girl Scout Troop leader in White Plains, NY and my first camping experience was with her and the girls. Talkin’ ’bout paradise and love?! I had it all! lol! That propelled me to later embrace the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts . . . and summer camp at Mountain Lakes Camp in upstate New York. I could go on and on but I will highlight her most memorable roles as President of the P.T.A. at Rochambeau Elementary School, the President of the White Plains Student Aid Society for many years which provided small scholarships to select students for college education, and Parent-Teacher Liasion for the White Plains Child Day Care for many many years, where I worked several summers while attending St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH. May her love live on in my heart forever and ever.

In addition, today is a “Walk for Peace March”, the first of its kind, to Bayfront Park in Miami, FL just minutes from the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play. Hundreds perhaps thousands of students will be participating in this march whose goal is to awaken the need for peace in the African American Communities in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Law enforcement officials and city politicians welcome this opportunity to establish communications with the next generation of adults in the African American Community in South Florida.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekends . . . and never forget the love that a mother is able to provide for her family, her children . . . and God willing, her husband and community!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
P.s. – Happy birthday to a fine spiritual friend, Rebecca!

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