Anybody Got A Shortcut to Life?

“Thank you, for lettin’ me … be myself … again!” A simple prayer, so to speak, or mantra, that was in a song by Sly and The Family Stone when I was just a baby hippy! lol! It reminds me of a lot of things, especially gratitude! Then, thinking of gratitude causes me to cross over into some of the “12 Step” studies that literally saved my life!

Why? Like most of us may have done at one point or another, I was looking for a short cut … you know, that place where everything stays the same …. happiness is forever … maybe caused by a little pill or a nice car … or that beautiful woman …. or house … and it doesn’t take as long as you thought to get it! And, like most of us may have discovered, life is a process that must be carried out to its fullest, full of imperfections and perfections, successes and failures, truths and lies … happies and sads …. until one dies! Peace be still!

“There is no shortcut to life. To the end of our days, life is a lesson imperfectly learned.” – Harrison E. Salisbury

Now, I don’t usually get into politics because it is a lot like love … or opinions … everybody has their own take on stuff based on their own experiences and beliefs. But, I found myself appreciating President Obama’s “60 Minutes” show this past Sunday as he discussed the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden. I have heard stories like, bin Laden is not really dead (like Biggie Smalls and Tupac!), and listened to people doubt this man, who, in my opinion (there’s that word again) is probably one of the most honest presidents we’ve ever had; he has the character that would not let him lie. Maybe he would withhold stuff until the right moment to maintain national (and international) security , but as he said … and I believe him, “You will not see Osama bin Laden anywhere on this planet again!”

As we approach Memorial Day, I would like to say thanks again to our nation’s military forces and ask that “God Bless America”! Just as there was no shortcut to finding bin Laden, we may find it extremely difficult to find a shortcut to life … unless it is death …

“Today, may I accept the truth which comes from the lessons of my experience – and be tolerant of its incompleteness.” – TOUCHSTONES, May 11

Peace ….

John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. – A shortcut will usually bring you to a place that you don’t want to go anyway!

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