To All You Mothers Out There!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

And of course, T.G.I.F.! As scheduled, and allowed by My Creator, I am up and getting ready to go out to the African American Research Library and Cultural Center for the Event: Walk AWARE 2011!

While I am excited, I am pensive as well . . . thinking of my mother ( and father, too!) for without them, I would not be able to do the things I like to do! They both also equipped me with the character traits to be giving, caring, loving and forgiving. They also taught me to appreciate the fine people and friends that I have the privilege to encounter along this God-given journey we call LIFE!

As we prepare for the weekend, and a very special Sunday celebration – Mother’s Day, may we never ever forget the love and tenderness that our mothers may have shown us. I keep in mind those mothers who were not appreciative of the gift from God known as childbirth and may we forgive them for not knowing how important it is to bring a precious life into existence.

To all my friends who are mothers, those past, present and future, I take my hat off and bow my head in praise of each of you … especially my own mother – Marietta Dolores (R.I.P.)

With love, admiration and appreciation, y’all!

John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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