Wow! April is almost over . . . and this is the last week of jazz appreciation month, too! Many of my Facebook friends have placed posts of historical jazz figures and their compositions this month! Thanks. One of my favorites is Grover Washington, followed by Keiko Matsui with a taste of Japanese jazz! The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and I may have a chance to introduce the “Stop The Violence” campaign to a group of perhaps 500 middle and high school students next Friday, May 6th, at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center on Sistrunk Blvd in the FTL along with a pregnancy prevention presentation for them by Andrea Jean Baptiste and her organization which specializes in such activities! I will keep you posted.

Speaking of jazz – progressive jazz and fusion jazz in particular – it was the way I made it through college since I was a student disc jockey on WPRB in Princeton many years ago. Interesting thing, as with many of my contemporaries from back then, it is still a way for me to nourish my spirit and soul! Oftentimes, I pop in a CD or simply log on to “Pandora” and hit up my favorite artist! Just listening in the quiet of my flat, occasionally watching my fish dance in the aquarium or relaxing over a meal and let my worries dance with the tunes I am listening to and be quieted is a way to nourish my spirit! The beach side also provides the solace that my spirit seeks in steps toward essential nourishment, too! And, as I write . . . and you read . . . I am nourished spiritually! Thank you all!

“The natural world is a spiritual house . . . . Man walks there through forests of physical things that are also spiritual things, that watch him with affectionate looks.” – Charles Boudelaire

and . . .

“Fine friendship requires duration rather than fitful intensity (especially with oneself!).” – Aristotle and . . . . “Know thyself!” – Socrates

May we grow to understand the nature of things, both physical and spiritual, and learn to befriend one another, especially ourselves!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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